Sharing Knowledge Protects Our Sport

The popularity of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) has exploded in recent years! And with the increased number of trail users comes an increased number of people who don't yet know the Rules of the Trail. Please do your part by sharing these widely accepted recommendations with your family and friends so they can be informed, responsible members of the off-road community.

Rules of the Trail

Help us keep Black Hills trails open and safe for all users:

  • Make safety, trail courtesy and conservation your first priorities.
  • Ride with Respect on public and private land. Never create resource damage.
  • Most Black Hills trails have 2-way traffic. Always stay to the right and expect oncoming riders.
  • A safe riding speed is a function of skill, trail conditions and visibility. Always ride within these limits.
  • Wear a helmet, eye protection and other appropriate safety gear.
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • When you encounter hikers, bicyclists or horseback riders, pull to the side, shut off your engine and offer a friendly "hello" as they pass by.
  • Ride only on existing marked trails. Creating new trails or widening trails is against the law. Never ride on a trail that is narrower than your machine.
  • Use an approved spark arrestor when riding on public land.
  • Use caution when approaching or overtaking another trail user.
  • When you stop, pull to the side and do not bunch up or block the trail.
  • Do not disturb wildlife or livestock. Avoid areas posted for wildlife protection.
  • Always close gates behind you.
  • Pack out everything you pack in.
  • Remember, people judge ALL trail users by YOUR actions.

The mission of Ride with Respect is to encourage all riders to be respectful of the numerous trails we have the privilege to ride. By choosing to Ride With Respect you can help contribute to preserving the trails and the beautiful Black Hills surrounding them. The future of OHV access is in your hands!

This program was created as a collaborative effort by Black Hills Regional Multiple Use Coalition, Black Hills Resource Conservation & Development and the Off-Road Riders Association in cooperation with the Black Hills National Forest.

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